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Talent Alpha is the largest European Software House without (hardly) any software engineers on our payroll.

We believe that in the future, work will be assigned, monitored, and settled in real time across thousands of organizations and professionals. That’s why we are building the largest inventory of technology skills in Europe to offer on-demand access to the best-in-class IT talent for Enterprises around the globe.

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Why we are doing this?

Fixing Market Inefficiency

The IT services market is inefficient as smaller players are excluded from large enterprise deals. We are fixing this by becoming an alternative vendor that provides a platform that syndicates thousands of smaller, expert organizations – opening up an untapped talent pool.

Connecting Talent with the Best Opportunities

A common paradox in the market is that the IT professionals with the best skills prefer to work at smaller, more focused organizations.These organizations often don’t get to play on the enterprise-level market.

Creating Economic Opportunity

It’s common practise amongst the largest market players in the industry to transfer corporate taxes back to their HQs and tax heavens. We see the value of paying taxes where the services are rendered to benefit the local communities in which they operate. Furthermore, small and medium-sized software companies create multiple jobs around them in supporting services.

Creating Value vs. Destroying Others

We believe that traditional recruitment companies, as well as large IT services companies destroy the IT market. They merely poach talent from other players leaving the talent gap wide open. As a result, the cost of recruitment grows, attrition increases, and projects get delayed. In our model, IT Professionals remain working where they feel most comfortable. By channeling enterprise IT budgets their way, we create value by helping the market to operate in more efficient ways.

Disrupting the Future of Work

Smaller organizations are the future. Where professionals feel at home and are at ease to work on the most challenging projects around the globe. A flexible, mobile, motivated and experienced workforce that grabs opportunities without boundaries and without changing their workplace. A world for digital natives who expect flexibility, mobility and choice. This is the future that we believe in. Enterprise clients will have to adjust to leveraging this new environment and Talent Alpha is here to help them.

Because we can ;-)

We believe that 'digital disruption' and 'future of work' are two distinct forces of change in our society right now. Now is the time to significantly impact our lifestyles, our workplaces. We can drive quality and efficiency, and now is the time to do it.

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Enterprise Clients

  • Select from thousands of pre-qualified software engineering teams

  • Remove any hiring bias and build a project team based on what matters to you

  • Reduce time to hire

  • Build and access a virtual bench

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Software Houses

  • Grow your sales pipeline

  • Optimize your utilization

  • Access new markets

  • Build new industry expertise

  • Collaborate with others

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