Go From Headcount to Skill Count

The Workforce for the New Reality needs to be flexible, remote and digital. Strong personality and cognitive traits are a necessity.

With the tech talent gap growing into the millions, finding the right IT Talent will become an increasingly painful challenge. 

 The Human Cloud gives you deep understanding of the skills and potential of your present and future workforce. They provide you with the foundation for talent management, internal mobility, re- and upskilling and also recruitment.

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Talent Analytics

& Manage Your Talent

Get granular visibility into the precise hard and soft skills currently available in your organization to help you make better data-driven decisions.

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Virtual Bench

Access & Share Specialists

Connect with thousands of highly skilled and instantly available IT Specialists from trusted IT Services Companies and contract the Talent for your project, exactly when you need it.

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Measure Soft Skills

Use data to decide who the right Specialist is for a particular project and identify potential leaders in your organization. Discover the specific personality traits, cognitive abilities and social skills of your team to improve overall job performance.

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Machine Learning

Develop Talent with AI/ML

Augment your decision making with AI-powered insights into the skills your organization is missing and identify the right Specialists for reskilling, upskilling and internal mobility opportunities.

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