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Future of Work Report 2019: Chapter 1 – Enabling Technology

According to the World Economic Forum, automation will displace 75 million jobs by 2022. In Shanghai,’s 40,000 sqm warehouse is operated by robots and just 5 people. Ericsson will open its fully automated factory next year and Tesla’s goal is to run all factories without human help as soon as possible. On the flipside, 133 million new roles may emerge due to new business opportunities all around the world.

China is a leader in 5G and e-commerce, Kenya leads in mobile payments and India in digital and registration. So the 4th Industrial Revolution is boosting new roles in these countries. Hyper-connectivity and cloud computing platforms allow us to work and collaborate from anywhere in the world. The variety of As-a-Service solutions enable flexibility and free choice and support the development of the Gig Economy.

Voice and facial recognition, IoT and wearables help track our activity – supporting HR and recruitment processes. All of these raise questions about privacy, but they seem inevitable – in two years, nearly 20% of US citizens will use some kind of wearable or activity tracker. All these trends are heavily shaping the future of work.

ML & AI Tools Impacting Work:


Analyzes videos of candidates


gives predictions of a candidate’s future performance


analyzes and gathers candidate information from different sources


automates the sourcing process

Keep An Eye On:

UIPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, EdgeVerve

Robotic Process Automation software that informs, augments, supports and assists people in the automation of processes. 


The world’s first Robot-as-a-Service company. You don’t need to buy a robot – pay for results not for ownership. 


HireVue augments human decision-making in the hiring process. It combines video interviews with predictive, validated I-O science and artificial intelligence. 

Twenty Billion Neurons

They’re building the next generation of virtual assistants that are visually enabled and interactive. 

IBM Watson

Revolution before our eyes.AI supports all kinds of analysis, enables real time interactions with clients, and helps with data-driven and bias-free decisions. It is changing the way we work. 

Humanoid Robots:


Designed to understand human: robot interactions. 


Capable of heavy labor.


The World’s Most Dynamic Humanoid. 

Skybot F-850

The first humanoid robot in space – by the Russian Space Agency.

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