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2019 got started with a bang for Talent Alpha. We had the great honor of being one of the selected startups to hang out our shingle in Eureka Park at the one and only Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada (aka CES!). For those not in the know, CES is the largest technology conference, showcase and expo in the world which attracts the biggest names in global Tech, Automotive, and well, consumer electronics. This is where tech trends emerge and many of the latest and greatest gadgets are launched.

This year’s CES attracted nearly 200,000 visitors of all shapes and sizes! Our distinctive yellow booth was parked right in the middle of the Enterprise Software Sector in Eureka Park and we saw a ton of foot traffic every day. We were a bit shocked with the warm reception that our relatively unknown startup garnered and by the end of each day we could barely speak from so many great conversations, pitches, interviews and discussions.

We didn’t have very high expectations going into CES and attending the conference was a bit of a gamble (like everything in Vegas). After all, we had no flashy self-driving car nor a fitbit for Fido to attract passersby. Yet we defied the odds and our humble yellow booth became a hive of activity and a beacon of future business buzz. We had hundreds of interesting conversations with professionals, investors and innocent bystanders who were drawn into our idea and mission. We even managed to come away with more than a few promising leads that we are working hard on converting as we speak.

So if you were to ask us: “How was CES?”

We would tell you: “A resounding success!”

We’ll see you next year Las Vegas 🙂

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