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80% of Companies aren’t prepared for the Future of Work


This Summer, Talent Alpha has launched our Future of Work Summer Boot Camp which is an ongoing series of interactive digital workshops, podcasts, webinars, mailings and videos that explore how businesses and workers alike can secure the right skills for the future, manage a distributed workforce, attract top talent, be ready for digital transformation and much, much more.  Here are some of the highlights of the Boot Camp and what you can look out for in your in box or Social Media feed:

Top Trainers

Be inspired by the best

Fortune 500 company advisors

Most innovative business builders

World’s top university lecturers

Business media columnists

Start-up leaders


Fit for the Future

Get insights others don’t have

7 drivers shaping the Future of Work

Digital Transformation hacks

  New ways to plug the Talent Gap

Cloud and shared economy in HR

  The Era of Ego


Fast & Effective

Practice in short sessions

15-30 min reads twice a week

 Inspiring articles and information

 Podcasts you can listen to anywhere



Register for The Future of Work Summer Boot Camp HERE


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