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“Talent Alpha is professional, innovative, helpful, transparent, dynamic, flexible and friendly. They have the perfect synergy to match the right people to the right projects.” - Office Manager, Poland

- Office Manager, Poland

“The interaction with the platform is intuitive and simple so uploading profiles is very fast.”

- CEO, Romania

“Thanks to Talent Alpha we landed a lucrative client and the project is already growing. They are agile, their communication is superb and our developers actually like working with them!”

- CEO, Poland

Map, Measure, Manage & Sell

Talent Alpha has developed a new set of tools to unlock and unleash the IT Talent in your company.

Begin your journey by mapping the technical skills and measuring the cognitive abilities of your IT Specialists. With over 500 data points, you’ll gain visibility into the actual skills in your company so you can better manage and sell your available Talent on the Human Cloud.

Unlock Value with Data Insights

Did you know that one of your Senior Java Devs has been doing an after-hours course in Python?

With Talent Alpha’s intuitive Skill Forms gain unprecedented visibility into the precise programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, libraries and protocols your Specialists currently know. Gain valuable insights and unlock hidden value already sitting in your company.

Boost Your Sales

Futureproof your business for the new reality with a new source of enterprise projects and a free sales toolkit.

Talent Alpha matches your available IT Specialists to projects from our global network of enterprise clients through the Human Cloud. We also allow you to share anonymized specialist profiles with +500 datapoints stunningly visualized for your own client pipeline to see in just a few clicks.

No more out of date CVs & faulty pdfs sent over email.

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