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The Human Cloud is a relatively new term that describes an emerging set of Online Digital Marketplaces & Platforms where Talent, and those looking to hire Talent, can find and engage one another in a work arrangement.

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Already a Household Name

Believe it or not, you already know and have enjoyed the speed and convenience of Human Cloud Platforms. Uber, Lyft, Upwork and TopCoder are just a few of the well known platforms on the current Human Cloud skyline. These platforms are more popularly known as ‘Gig Economy’ or freelancer platforms

Learn how the Human Cloud can save your organization up to 35% on your IT project budget.

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A Different Type of Cloud

Unlike Gig Economy Platforms, Talent Alpha does not source our talent primarily from freelancers. Our Human Cloud Platform is a B2B solution that provides direct access to experienced and dedicated Tech Teams already working in partner organizations across Europe.

Data-driven Project Matching

We precisely measure the hard skills, cognitive abilities & psychometrics of each Alpha Specialist. We display up to 500 data points about each Specialist and map their individual and team availability. Partner organizations better understand the skills of their workforce, while clients can find perfectly matched Tech Teams for their projects.

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“By 2025, we calculate that online talent platforms could add $2.7 billion or 2.0% to global GDP”

- McKinsey




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Is Talent Alpha’s Human Cloud just for IT Specialists?

If you need Marketing or Accounting Support, give us a year or two

The idea and vision of the Talent Alpha Human Cloud goes beyond solving supply and demand issues in the IT Sector. We aspire to help individuals, teams and companies across the globe discover and unleash their unique talents.

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How do I add Tech Talent to the Human Cloud?

Adding Talent on the Human Cloud is almost as easy as Searching for Talent.

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