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Talent Alpha VP and Co-Founder Szymon Niemczura recently did an interview for As a successful serial startup founder, he shares some poignant sales tips and describes how the market is reacting so far to Talent Alpha’s Human Cloud Platform offering.


Below are a few of the best pearls of wisdom Szymon shares in the interview:

Szymon Interview

Szymon happily shares his SaaS sales tips.

“Start small – it’s always good to take small steps at the very beginning to completely understand what you do, how the business works ,what is important, how to build processes around what really works, and how results are measured.”

“One of the biggest challenges on the market is the attitude to innovation in many companies. To be really innovative, you should check different options, make small pilot schemes, and as I mentioned earlier, be ready to measure results and implement what really works.”

“Sales is all about relationships. To put it bluntly, ‘people buy people’. Nobody likes to feel like a sales target. So do not sell. Find the client’s need, and answer it.” 

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