Identify Technical Skills

Leverage our Machine Learning-enabled algorithms to index the technical skills of your IT Workforce. With up to 500 datapoints for each Specialist, make better data-driven decisions about your total workforce strategy and identify high-potential internal mobility, reskilling & upskilling opportunities.

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Discover Soft Skills

Use scientifically validated tools to recognize traits correlating with high productivity. Using bite-sized and gamified measurement mediums, you will be able to collect valuable data while boosting employee morale.

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People Analytics can increase recruiting efficiency by 80%, and business efficiency by 25%

– McKinsey


Your Golden Source of Data

Use our continuously updated Specialist Profiles as your new Golden Source of Data. Search through the experience, skills and abilities of your Total Workforce with the ease of a Google Search.

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Benchmark Expertise

Benchmark the seniority level and expertise of your Specialists internally and against industry averages. Easily compare candidates from different sources and providers. Use the same language and measuring sticks with your IT, HR and Recruitment departments.

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71 % of companies see people analytics as a high priority. However, only a few make real progress in this area.



See in 3D:  Data. Driven. Decisions.

Get in-depth actionable insights about who is the best available Talent in your Genome for current and future projects. Let our AI/ML tools tell you who the best candidates are for potential reskilling, upskilling and internal mobility opportunities.

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For Whom

SME Cloud for SHs was designed for Software Houses and other small and medium IT service providers.

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SME Cloud comes for free until 21st of May 2024! 

After this date, posting opportunities will be free for SMEs. Applying to these projects will be available for those with Premium Package.  

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