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IT specialists increasingly want the flexibility that gig-work brings. Is this a nightmare scenario for tech companies and departments, or a new chance for the industry to bounce back? Talent Alpha CEO Przemek Berendt sheds some light on the subject in a new article for Forbes


Here are a few select quotes from the article:

“In-House Tech Professionals Are Like Pandas — Quite Rare” 

“Contingency workforce, business-to-business (B2B) and shared specialists should have the same prominence as company employees. You should ensure that they are motivated; work effectively; understand your goals, mission and vision; and would like to do your next projects at a time when you need them.”

“Especially for large organizations, consider building your very own private human cloud — a platform where you can manage your talent (both internal and external), check their skills and needs, and match them with the best projects.”

“The fact that you will choose specialists for specific tasks raises the question of how to make the right choices. The answer is talent science.”

-Przemek Berendt

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