If you are looking to:

• Improve the efficiency of remote recruitment or internal Talent skill discover

• Gain molecular visibility into the tech & soft skills of your current and future workforce

Compare strengths & abilities accurately using science & AI/Machine Learning

Hire the best candidates on the market before your competitors

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Improve Your Skill Discovery Process

Based on an Applicant Lead Capture PoC Workflow


Define Your Expectations

Create a dream candidate profile in minutes and share it with all stakeholders engaged in candidate canvasing.


Discover Skills Under 1hr

We index around 3,500 tech skills as well as soft skills, cognitive abilities and psychometrics.


AI/ML Matching

We analyze up to 500 data points to help predict the closest match to your dream candidate (see videos below).


Get Team & Individual Analysis

Our data science team can provide you with comprehensive analysis of your applicant pool on both a team and individual level.


Share Feedback

Improve candidate and employee experience with personal reports about their strengths and abilities.

Talent Alpha is a SaaS Human Cloud platform that transforms the
way companies measure, manage, access & share tech Talent

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