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The Tech Talent Business Survey Report 2023 is now released

The latest Tech Talent Business Survey Report by Talent Alpha is now available for download. Insights included in the report outline the current global situation of IT service companies in the context of the economic slowdown and IT market decline. They also include predictions and ways to stay afloat as well as grow in these difficult circumstances. 

From the report you will learn: 

  • What impact is the global situation having on finding new business opportunities?  
  • What is happening to the talent gap?  
  • How are companies coping with the current macroeconomic situation?  
  • Are they planning to downsize or expand? 

The report is based on the results of the survey conducted earlier this year among companies in the Talent Alpha ecosystem – small and medium-sized IT service companies from around the world. The results presented in the report were based on questionnaire responses from nearly 40 companies as well as around 20 in-depth interviews with representatives of companies that hire a combined total of over 400,000 employees.  

You can download free report here.  

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