Molecular Understanding

Decode The Talent Genome

Index the Talent Genome™ of an individual or the entire organization. Understand the technical competencies, social skills, cognitive abilities and personality traits of the Talent both inside and outside your organization. 

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Get Immediate Visibility

Talent Mapping

We create a complete and searchable map of your entire workforce by domain skill-set, psychometrics, seniority, location, cost and more. Get unprecedented visibility and enable more efficient and effective workforce planning. 

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71% of companies see People Analytics as a high priority. However, only a few make real progress in this area.

– Deloitte


500 Data-Points Per Profile

Identify Deep Domain Skills 

Leverage our AI/Machine Learning enabled algorithms and extensive skill taxonomies to index the technical skills of your workforce. We measure 3,500+ unique skills for 65+ tech roles. 

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Scientific Approach

Discover Crucial Soft Skills

Use scientifically validated tools to recognize the vital traits that correlate with high productivity. Measure the cognitive abilities, social skills and personality traits of your entire workforce using our scientifically formulated questionnaires.

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55% of companies say they will need help with basic People Analytics.

– Deloitte


3D vision: Data. Driven. Decisions

Identify Opportunities And Gaps

Data from the platform lets you see opportunities and gaps in your current workforce and make informed strategic decisions regarding up-skilling, re-skilling and new vacancies. With constantly updated talent data you are always prepared. 

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For Whom

SME Cloud for SHs was designed for Software Houses and other small and medium IT service providers.

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SME Cloud comes for free until 21st of May 2024! 

After this date, posting opportunities will be free for SMEs. Applying to these projects will be available for those with Premium Package.  

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