Easy Comparisons

Consolidate Data
On One Platform

With every vendor presenting their candidates in different formats and with a different understanding of what constitutes a ‘good’ candidate, making a true comparison is time-consuming and often near-impossible. Our platform gathers data from different sources to a single platform and standardizes their offers, enabling a quick and transparent choice of the best proposals.

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Be More Flexible And Resilient

Gig Economy Under Your Control

Scale your workforce according to your business needs. Connect with hundreds of trusted organizations around the world to access and secure the right Talent for your project, right when you need it. Talent Alpha provides a single point of reference for candidates from all vendors and partners, minimizing your gig-risk and cutting down on admin and red tape.

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Total Control

Complete Visibility 

Our platform gives you instant access and complete visibility of the availability of resource inside your own trusted vendor ecosystem as well as inside thousands of vetted IT vendors.

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Speed Up The Process

Fast Shortlisting 

Our AI/ML solutions can quickly present the best candidates to you based on your “dream candidate profile”. Save time going through irrelevant CVs and e-mails.

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Gain the latest market intelligence. Boost your talent strategy.

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