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Six trends connected with AI in the world of work 

source: The Future of Work Report 2024 “The World of Work AI-ed” 

1. Experience imperative 

People are already used to being served as quickly as Uber, as intelligently as Netflix and as holistically as Google. They will expect the same experience from every business – from both a client and employee perspective. Companies who will not be able to provide such experience will start losing market share. 

2. Need for meaningfulness 

Together with growing AI adoption, people will ask questions about their role and will need confirmation of their importance. Companies that will be able to create and maintain this sentiment will be able to retain specialists and  achieve extraordinarily productive results. 

3. Assigning anthropomorphic traits to machines 

Although AI does not need human traits to generate results, people need an interface to understand machines. People will naturally tend to assign increasingly more human characteristics to AI with the increasing expectation of  AI being able to respond to our emotional as well as technical needs.  As a consequence, new ways of managing HR communication and human-machines psychology will have to evolve. 

4. The metaverse becoming a second reality 

People will move into the metaverse with increasing interest along with the platform’s  growing attractiveness and the limitations of the real world. Against a backdrop of growing limitations regarding CO2 usage and overall consumption, a digital world of “unlimited possibilities” will be increasingly tempting. AI will fuel the  adoption of the Metaverse thanks to the improved experience that it will offer. 

5. Increasing tolerance for artificial truth 

We tend to think truth is very important for people. NFT was created to be able to prove the “realness” of the digital world. But what if this is a false assumption.  Bruno Maçães, a philosopher and writer, states that we already experience virtualism, especially in politics, where virtual or imaginary worlds are created and could be maintained if they are not regarded as real.  

6. New order required 

Our world, to a great extent is going to be “AI-ed” and will be significantly changed. This is inevitable. So, we will need new laws, new political directions, and social distribution regulations. Will we be able to create them in and evolutionary rather than revolutionary way? That’s a big question.  

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