Analyze & Learn

Understand The Individual

To attract, retain and motivate talent, you need a complete understanding of what really makes them tick – their drivers, motivators, personality traits and attitudes. You won’t get that from simply looking at their CV or the job they’re currently doing.

Our Talent Intelligence solution gives you a complete, multi-dimensional skill profile (or Talent Genome™) of the individual in hours. It maps their unique combination of:

Tech expertise

Cognitive abilities

Soft skills

Personality traits

Our Talent Genome™ reveals the true skills and capabilities of the individual and highlights hidden areas of untapped potential for upskilling, reskilling, or internal mobility.

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Get Visibility & Optimize

View & Manage The Organization

To enable business growth and total workforce transformation you need to know you have the best people for the job. That means knowing you always have:

The right people

With the right skills

At the right time

And that’s no easy task.

We make workforce planning and decision-making easier by capturing the complete skills and capabilities of your organization, letting you see where the gaps are, and providing you with a way to fill them with highly-skilled, best-match talent quickly and on-demand.

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Network & Share

Control & Orchestrate Your Network

In a world where the talent gap is counted in millions and where many companies have several thousands of unfilled tech positions, talent can no longer be wasted because departments, companies and entire industries are working in silos.

We believe that by building communities and creating flexible models within your network you can enable efficiency and resilience as well as share best practices and market trend insights.

We provide a talent marketplace solution that lets you access and share talent in your network. Our platform let you see all available talent in one place. Proposals are standardized allowing for quick and easy comparison, and our legal framework provides you with security.




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For Whom

SME Cloud for SHs was designed for Software Houses and other small and medium IT service providers.

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SME Cloud comes for free until 21st of May 2024! 

After this date, posting opportunities will be free for SMEs. Applying to these projects will be available for those with Premium Package.  

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