Unlock High-Performing Teams

Understand Success Factors

Relevant domain knowledge and technical skills don’t explain 100% of success for IT Specialists. IT is a team sport and soft skills are becoming an increasingly important part of the game. 

By understanding the personality traits, motivations, soft skills and cognitive abilities of each individual, you unlock the ability to create and nurture high-performing teams. 

We collect all these traits within our Talent Genome™ model.

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Develop Deep Insight

Predict Performance

To understand the workforce of the 21st century, organizations should measure, analyze and leverage psychometrics.

Recognizing which skills traits and abilities correlate with success in your organization requires an in depth understanding of each of these key metrics:

Cognitive Abilities

(e.g. Working Memory, Thinking Styles, Creativity)

Soft Skills

(e.g. Nonconformism)

Personality Traits

(e.g. Competitiveness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion)

We confirmed that some thinking styles and social skills correlate with measures of individual performance and team success. Psychometric insights can help you foresee the future.

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Validated And Reliable Data

Evidence-Based Tools

If you need to make important business decisions based on People Analytics data, you should only rely on evidence-based and scientifically-proven tools. Our Talent Science Team has conducted thorough research into the methodologies, reliability and veracity of our tests. We continue to rigorously test our tools to ensure that you get the highest quality results for your organization using the following framework:


We continuously check our tools for potential bias and we always use multiple data sources


We benchmark our tools against the latest state-of-the-art measurements used in Neuroscientific and Organizational Research


We repeat our measurements to ensure the validity of our results


We help predict job success by accepting only the best measurements with our tools

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Independently validated

Scientific Answers

Developed and tested in cooperation with the Polish National Centre for Research and Development and scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences; our tools provide substantive support supervise research.

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For Whom

SME Cloud for SHs was designed for Software Houses and other small and medium IT service providers.

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SME Cloud comes for free until 21st of May 2024! 

After this date, posting opportunities will be free for SMEs. Applying to these projects will be available for those with Premium Package.  

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