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Webinar: The Human Cloud: Your secret weapon in the War for Tech Talents

On November 18th, Talent Alpha had the pleasure of hosting a webinar: The Human Cloud: Your secret weapon in the War for Tech Talent.

The discussion was led by Barry Matthews – CEO of Open Assembly, Chad Sowash, who is an industry expert and Co-Founder & Co-Host of Chad & Cheese with Joel Cheeseman, and CEO and founder of Talent Alpha, Przemek Berendt.

During the event, we took an in-depth look at the following pain points for companies:

● Why the tech talent gap is growing – the future of work trends,
● What exactly is the Human Cloud – is it all about freelancers or is it something more?
● The story from implementation on the client’s side as well as success stories from projects,
● Main challenges and possible ways of handling these with examples of solutions from real world situations.

If you are interested in becoming more familiar with any of these topics from the webinar, you can still watch the entire discussion below, on-demand:

Your future digital workforce is here and now.

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