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The Human Cloud Ecosystem – Re-Shaping the Business World

Although cloud service was already on the rise before the pandemic, it wasn’t a necessity for many of the people in the industry. And so, those already using the technology were successfully positioned to handle the crisis at hand. Using the benefit of saving money and time usually spent on traditional employment processes, cloud services opened the door to a more sustainable, people-oriented model for companies. 

Working and collaborating remotely is now made possible within the virtual ecosystem that the Human Cloud provides. That ecosystem is a network of talents and opportunities that can be leveraged and shared within the digital space. Software houses can find the right people to add to their infrastructure. Employees can apply for projects that match their skills precisely. The Human Cloud ecosystem is a community that allows you to access and share specialists in the collective network. It’s a new generation of workforce that is automating its road to people management. 

Modern teams can shape their remote environment and create a new model of work that is even more focused on human cooperation than before. In the new, virtual ecosystem, more companies are adopting the holistic approach to talent resources. According to McKinsey & Company, a firm dealing in strategic management consulting and a trusted advisor to many of the world’s most influential businesses, “organizations with effective talent-management programs have a better chance than other companies of outperforming competitors”. As stated in the survey, there is the need for effective and rapid talent allocation, combined with leadership’s involvement in people management. And that’s where The Human Cloud ecosystem comes in. It is a perfect place where companies can explore both. 

Coca-Cola, for example, started utilizing the practice of working with the Human Cloud as far back as 2015. They recognized the need to be more flexible, given their global reach and vast operational capacity. As a result, it has had a great impact – the decision to launch Cherry Sprite in 2017 as a new flavor was based on monitoring data collected from the latest generation of self-service soft drinks fountains. Recently, as the market has moved towards healthier sugar-free options, the Human Cloud has allowed them to analyze the market insights faster and innovate more freely.

It seems fitting that we should spotlight the importance of this new approach to business, as it was a beacon of hope for many during the pandemic. The ability to work individually with the option to collaborate and share within the digital space became crucial. As the pandemic is slowly coming to an end and we face the return to traditional working models, we have to ask ourselves, are we ready to let go of the benefits that the cloud ecosystem provides on a daily basis? Like Gerson Lehrmann Group, an international services company, whose experts are from 150 countries around the world, sharing their wisdom and insights with their community every day. No need to schedule an office meeting with a consultant, when you can choose from a whole world of them in the Human Cloud.

The answer is… we shouldn’t. The ecosystem created in the cloud offers us a deeper understanding of the business we are serving. Helps us manage and allocate the talent within our workforce more efficiently and fill the gaps that we have by “borrowing” the specialists from our network. It opens an ocean of opportunities for us and our company, because it has clearly defined values. Those targeted values are what separates traditional Human Cloud services from more exact cloud ecosystems. The former only allows freelancers to sign up and access projects. The latter, like Talent Alpha, makes it possible for software houses to find projects that fit their tech-stack and provide business growth. It makes the service offered much more precise and target-oriented.

With all that in mind it is no wonder that the Human Cloud ecosystem growing today will be hard to let go of in the future. Community created in that space can evolve and become something more if we let it. At the end of the day we are working to form a bubble of life that can expand in the digital world, and give back to us in the future.

Your future digital workforce is here and now.

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