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Remote Work on the Human Cloud

The Human Cloud is the evolution of distributed cloud computing technology which, as the name suggests, allows for Human Resources to be easily indexed, categorized, stored, searched and found in the cloud. With the sudden demand for platforms and solutions that help facilitate Remote Work at scale, the Human Cloud is nothing short of a revolution for organizations looking to hire (or fire) full-time, part-time, contingency and/or contract workers in the short and long term. 

While giving access to experienced distributed teams that have experience working remotely, this is only part of the potential of the Human Cloud for Talent Management and Acqusition. The amount of data and functionality that platforms like Talent Alpha give our partner organizations and companies looking to hire talent means that many hybrid models where the Service provider can even deliver on site teams for extended periods of time on in an on-demand model. 

Your future digital workforce is here and now.

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