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Co-founder of Talent Alpha shares insights on how to overcome tech talent gap in an interview with MIT Sloan

Solving the tech talent gap through innovative technology

We are pleased to report that Talent Alpha’s co-founder Szymon Niemczura has recently raised the subject of a new talent management model in an interview with Paulina Kostro, the editor of MIT Sloan Management Review Poland.

Finding and assigning qualified IT staff to specific projects in an accurate way has become a real challenge in the past few years. The process of making a good match is not only time-consuming but also involves a high probability of failure. It is the immediate cause of the tech talent gap phenomenon, which is affecting IT companies all over the world. As Szymon outlines during the interview, “86% of organizations consider [tech talent] gap an obstacle to developing or maintaining their businesses.” How to hire the right candidate and retain top talents? What is the difference between talent from Mexico and Europe? The answer to these and other questions can be found in the “From Headcount to Skill Count” article. 

The article discusses problems related to the tech talent gap and acquiring experts with proven competencies, simultaneously providing ways of expanding workforces in a flexible manner. 

Read the English version of the article to find out how to overcome recruiting challenges, right here.

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