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Talent Alpha now has 1,000 partners in 55 countries

Talent Alpha is celebrating reaching the landmark of 1,000 partners on its platform. Bringing together 1,000 companies in 55 countries and 80,000 experienced professionals on one platform is a great success for the Krakow-based company, which efficiently connects companies looking for IT professionals as well as services and those firms who can provide them. 

Talent Alpha (TA), a Krakow-based scaleup which was established in 2018, already connects companies from around the world. Although 80% of all professionals on the platform come from Central and Eastern Europe, the solution is also attracting partners from other countries including India, Canada, Afghanistan, Argentina, Mexico, Australia and South Africa. 

“Talent Alpha is growing rapidly, which means more benefits for clients – both in IT outsourcing and recruitment. An important advantage that the platform offers is that one contract opens the door to proven, specialized partners from around the world. We have access to their untapped resources in real time. We estimate that every day there are up to 8,000 specialists in our ecosystem who can start work right away. We’re mainly talking about experts with a specific company behind them, and not freelancers. This is a huge strength that our clients often use to freely plan very ambitious IT projects without the fear of running out of resources,” says Agnieszka Porębska, CEO of Talent Alpha.

Talent Alpha’s assistance is particularly valuable in situations that require immediate intervention, such as rapid project implementation or the need for niche competencies.

“We are able to provide individual specialists within 24 hours and entire teams in a few days,” emphasizes Agnieszka Porębska. 

The Talent Alpha platform also helps a client who wants to reduce costs by working with proven suppliers from cost-effective locations. TA also helps in relocating parts of the business to another country in an offshoring model.

Smaller service providers connected to big players

Talent Alpha’s mission is to support small and medium-sized IT service providers by giving them opportunities for projects they would not normally have access to. The company’s research shows that the most common difficulties facing small and medium-sized IT companies are a lack of new business opportunities, unfavorable economic factors and market uncertainty. According to Talent Alpha’s 2023 Tech Talent Business Survey Report, last year was the first time in a number of years that the stability of small and medium-sized IT companies was weakened. In fact, about half of these companies saw no clear prospects for growth, with 9% anticipating a reduction in business. 

“We are committed to supporting our partners and opening up new opportunities for them. We recently calculated that one of our regular partners generated about PLN 9 million in additional turnover thanks to Talent Alpha. This result is hugely satisfying for us,” comments Julita Iks, Head of Service Delivery at Talent Alpha. 

Bearing in mind those small suppliers who are struggling in the market, Talent Alpha has launched a free SME Cloud app – a place where, with a few clicks, you can publish your needs, find specialists, and share their available time with other small businesses.

For the app’s launch, the company has prepared a promotional campaign including an advertisement in New York’s Times Square.

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