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The Future of Work Report 2024 is here 

Talent Alpha is proud to announce that The Future of Work Report 2024 – The World of Work AI-ed, prepared together with Intelligent Leadership Hub and our partners was published. This edition is a comprehensive guide for leaders in today’s and tomorrow’s AI-ed world.  

Inside the report, you’ll find: 

  • Data on AI in business, e.g.: 
    • Over 90% of top service providers utilize artificial intelligence for tasks such as talent management and software 
    • The AI market is expected to be worth about US$738.80 billion by 2030 
    • Business leaders claim that 40% of workforces must reskill against the backdrop of AI and automation adoption
  • Predictions and tips from industry leaders 
  • Essential skills for an AI-ready leader 
  • Insights on the potential impact of AI on IT services 
  • The best tools for AI implementation and development 

See what else is inside and download your free copy today.

Partners of the report: 

Your future digital workforce is here and now.

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