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Cloud Collaboration: Mapping the Impact of the Crisis

The idea to map the potential impact of the Covid-19 crisis started almost by accident. I was quarantined quite early on in mid March and because I had just come back from traveling I was forced to spend the two weeks without my family in co-isolation with Szymon Niemczura. As many of you can probably sympathize, I quickly started going stir crazy and I began Covid-19 report and analysis bingeing. 

I quickly started looking for a way to think out loud and brain storm what might be the potential affects of all the sudden change to so many global industries, businesses and individuals. I am the type of thinker that works best with a whiteboard in front of me and a dry erase marker in one hand and a sticky note in the other. Almost every room in our Talent Alpha headquarters is covered in white boards and colored notes!  

So when I discovered Miro early on in my quarantine and started to play around with it, I immediately recognized that it was exactly the right collaboration tool to start a virtual brain storm and eventually launch a digital group think-piece.

Armed with my new collaboration tool I turned to my trusty LinkedIn network to put out a collaboration call and see if anyone would be interested in helping me and my Talent Alpha colleagues to map the potential impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

The response I received was astounding. The Miro board I created to map the impact almost immediately burst to life as people joined in the group think and started sharing their ideas in real time adding new leaves, branches and whole sections of our mind map.

Within a little over 48 hours my post was seen by over 18,000 people with over 220 interactions including 58 comments! People were commenting and editing in real time, it was fascinating and thanks to the amazing UX and tools, it was also fun! 

Your future digital workforce is here and now.

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