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Computers For Polish Students

During the Covid-19 crisis, many schools have switched to digital classrooms. Unfortunately, this has left many children and teachers digitally disenfranchised as they cannot participate in online learning due to a lack of a computer. Talent Alpha was part of an amazing group of companies and organizations that tackled this problem head on with the new charity initiative –!!!

For you non-Polish speakers out there, the name of the campaign loosely translates to “donate your computer already, will ya!” While this is not exactly a literal translation per say, it kind of reflects the intonation and inflection the Krakovian imperative slang suggests. This quirky name as well as all of the logistics, design and content for the website were all crowdsourced on LinkedIn and other social media channels. 

As the name suggests, #DajzeKompa is a Poland-based crowdfunding charity (the website is only in Polish for now) and the goal is to collect as many unused, old or neglected computers from companies and private homes as possible and deliver them directly to students and teachers who need them. Thanks to our cooperation with InPost, and our strategic tech partner FIXIT SA, we make sure each computer is digitally equipped for e-learning before it goes on its way.

The project started as a simple kernel of an idea from Talent Alpha’s CTO Wojtek Ptak as he was brain storming the possible way IT community might be able to help out in the Covid-19 crisis. Our CEO Przemek Berendt then took this seed to his LinkedIn network and, much like the Coronovirus Impact Mappeople and organizations immediately responded and jumped at the chance to get involved.

Apart from numerous Talent Alpha team members, we have worked in close cooperation with the Krakow City Hall and the Fundacja Poland Business Run to get the campaign off of the ground. We also recieved A LOT of logistical, design and content work from BKodeFIXIT SASSW Pragmatic Solutions and several freelance graphic designers Mariusz B. Glejzer, Lukasz Wisniewski. Special thanks go out to InPost for agreeing to deliver all of the packages of donated computers free of charge and a huge thanks to all of the Public Schools Directors we make sure each computer is delivered to someone who need it.

The campaign launched in Krakow, Poland where Talent Alpha is based, but the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding snowball helped to spread the campaign to many parts of Poland.

So what are you waiting for, give a Kid a Comp today! 🙂

P.S. If you’d like to donate a computer but the wall of Polish on is insurmountable, then shoot me an email and I’ll gladly help you through the process. #strongertogether 

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