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VIDEO: Talent Alpha SME Summit

On Wednesday January 27th Talent Alpha hosted our first SME Summit exclusively for our IT Services Partner Network. CEO Przemek Berendt hosted the event and presented a high level overview of how the New Reality is affecting the IT Sector and how Talent Alpha’s solutions will help businesses adapt to these challenges.

Talent Alpha was joined by Sushobhan Mukherjee from Infosys and Artur Karda from Stermedia who each presented Case Studies demonstrating the benefits of working with Talent Alpha as both a client and a partner respectively.

The apex of the Summit was when Talent Alpha Co-founder Szymon Niemczura gave an exclusive Demo of the new Version 2.0 of our Platform detailing the many features and use cases that our new solutions offer. The Demo was followed by a Q&A session from our Partner Network.

Watch the entire summit below, on demand:

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