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Rethinking The Workforce 2020 Playbook

How can you build resilient and sustainable service delivery that will be effective and flexible to meet the unknown challenges of the new reality? Talent Alpha is proud to present our first comprehensive Playbook about Rethinking the Workforce. Working with our strategic partners: Automation Anywhere, ING and Venture L by Matthew Mottola, with contributions from Carl Benedikt Frey, Everest, SSON and Pro Progressio – we took a deep dive into how businesses can rethink their workforce strategies in a time of extreme uncertainty.   

Our Workforce Playbook focusses on two very specific and powerful tools: Automation & The Human Cloud.

1. Automation

According to an SSON Study from March 2020 36% of Shared Services planned to accelerate their Automation initiatives to reduce dependency on physical locations/human resources as one of their responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Automation is improving work flexibility, safety, and productivity. It is also helping businesses face the most urgent challenges.

 2. The Human Cloud

The Human Cloud is a way to think about accessing and engaging the right talent at the right time on demand. Because the Human Cloud is digital and globally distributed, it has never been easier to tap into the world’s most talented experts for the specific skill you need at a specific time.

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