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Staffing the New Reality

There’s no two ways about it, the world is facing unthinkable challenges the likes of which we haven’t seen in over a century. The global economy is already dipping into a recession and no one really knows how long it might last or how deep it could go. CXOs, HR Executives and Staffing Managers the world around are now looking at their hiring plans through the lense of this uncertainty – how can they keep business-critical projects going with the right resources while not exposing the company to too much risk with permanent hires? This will be a daily if not hourly tightrope-walk over an abyss that stretches out over an unknown horizon.

To pull off this high-wire routine and maintain business continuity throughout these turbulent and uncertain times it will be important for decision makers to identify any and every available safety net at their disposal. One false move, strategic oversight or staffing miscalculation could send their organization plummeting into the unknown.

Online Contingent Staffing sites and Human Cloud Platforms are the first safety nets that HR decision makers should look at as hiring freezes are put in place and the first wave of redundancies are reluctantly made. Freelancer Talent solutions might come in handy to plug small staffing needs, however to staff complex, mission-critical projects (especially IT projects), you want to look to solutions that can deliver large scalable remote teams that are pre-vetted and have data-rich profiles which allow Staffing Managers to make quick decisions. Drumroll please… this is where we come in 🙂

Talent Alpha’s Human Cloud platform gives enterprise organizations access to a Virtual Bench of thousands of teams of over 12,000 vetted IT Specialists completely on demand. We provide lightning fast time-to-productivity as we can deliver project-ready remote teams within 24hours. We can help ease the burden of hiring freezes, fill your pre-existing tech talent gaps and maintain business continuity throughout these uncertain times. The safety ‘net’ we offer is in the ‘cloud’ which means all of the IT Specialists we have digitally indexed on our platform are available to work remotely. As Gartner suggested in a recent webinar, one of the ways for organizations to increase resilience in this new reality is, “by supporting multiple employment models and being able to quickly switch between them.”

I don’t want to take the tightrope metaphor too far, however if you’ve ever been to the circus or to a Cirque du Soleil show, then you know the best high-wire acts and acrobats actually incorporate their safety nets into their act to improve their performance. This is the long-term advantage of incorporating Human Cloud platforms into your permanent staffing strategy. Even when the world eventually resumes some semblance of normality, remote work will be a fundamental part of the new normal. Easy access to a Human Cloud of on-demand talent will undeniably help your organization not just survive unexpected crises, but also thrive and do somersaults past your competition in the new reality, whatever it may be.

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