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Times are changing incredibly fast these days. We are facing a world that almost nobody could have ever predicted. In this uncertain new reality, our company is still hard at work bringing to life an idea sparked by three individuals over two years ago. Przemek, Szymon and Mike initially envisioned Talent Alpha as a platform that could connect the demand for Talent in the IT space with a fantastic pool of specialists that sit in small and medium-sized organizations. In reality, these specialists are very often super-talented, hyper-engaged and very often are active in Open Source communities, creating solutions, giving talks and workshops and working actively in their local communities. Local, this is the key. Many of us IT specialists live in smaller cities with our families. Does it mean we’re any less talented? Does it mean we don’t have an inner drive to take off from our roof to try to reach the Moon? This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The idea of Talent Alpha has naturally evolved from the founders’ original recipe. At the moment we’re building something more complex and advanced – we’ve just started work on the new idea for the Talent Alpha Platform. Our answer for the Future of Work is our Human Cloud Platform. Its fundamental purpose is to manage, measure, access and share IT talent pools within organizations. We want the platform to also provide an open API that connects and unifies many solutions and provides an open Marketplace that can be used by our partners. Talent Alpha becomes a hub to give our customers insights into their organizations.

And so it happens that every organization is, in fact, an IT organization.

Our vision is bold and we do our best to deliver on it. We know that soon many companies may need our help. We have ambitious plans and great expertise across the whole team who are all executing and working on delivering this vision day in and day out.

And now, we want you to join us on this epic adventure!

The Team

I have the great pleasure and opportunity to lead the product team behind Talent Alpha. The team is incredibly experienced with a broad range of expertise. At the same time, we bet on team players who want to grow, learn and share their knowledge with others. Our team members are renowned trainers, international conference speakers and accomplished lecturers. We cover User Experience, design, software design, software and data architecture, data engineering, ML and AI, security, testing, and more. This breadth and depth of knowledge gives us the ability to learn from each other and make us all the better in what we do. It’s an essential aspect of our culture.

Being a member of the Talent Alpha Platform development team you can count on having access to a broad range of stakeholders, from users themselves, the experts who help them, our growth team and event the founders themselves. We all share the same product decision drivers. We use a variety of tools and a modern approach to software development, which gives us a great understanding of different aspects of the solution we’re building.

We were remote from the start. We know how to stay productive despite working from our homes. Every week brings several online sessions for us. From online pair-programming, remote brainstorming sessions using techniques like Design Thinking, Event Storming, User Story Mapping or C4 Modelling, to regular team meetings – we run all of them online. And if you want to focus, we welcome you to switch off all comms and inspire that inner fire. By all means, whatever works for you to help us deliver our new releases.

One important aspect is that we also test our business models on ourselves. We often ask different partners to come and join us on the journey. We use team extension or outsourcing models, where we asked the best experts in their fields to join and create solutions with us.

The Product & Development Environment

Talent Alpha, from a technical perspective, is a cloud-native solution. We won the Google Spark Startup award, giving us access to many benefits and an extended runway with a dedicated package of credits. We did our best to create a new environment natively on the Google Cloud Platform, which focuses on developers’ productivity, ease of integration, security, and a data-driven product approach. On the journey to implementing such a solution, we leveraged the advice of real experts in the field to make sure we could safely face any due diligence in the future.

Under the hood, the new platform which we’re working on consists of two integral parts. Think of a flagship smartphone: the whole product comes together in a package that is the synergy of both hardware and software. You can extend the capabilities and functionalities of your phone by adding both new gadgets and installing new apps.

We took the same approach when designing our new platform. Platform Apps are user-facing applications that provide different contexts of our Human Cloud solution such as talent management, virtual bench, sales growth etc. all of which enable companies to share their specialists, help them discover new skills, provide them with continuous feedback and so on. The Platform Core is an engine that is responsible for collecting data and providing different modules that have responsibilities around different aspects of our system e.g. collecting feedback and assessments, recommendation engines, search engines, taxonomy builders and several additional sources of data. It also provides an API layer for open and closed integrations with Talent Alpha. Together they create our new product of which the first complete version we want to deliver by the end of this year.

Ready to Join our Team?

Great! We currently have several positions open on our Platform Team. We’re looking for experienced team players. If you’re interested in any of these, don’t hesitate. Don’t miss your chance to join a real startup that is all fueled up and getting ready launch our moon mission. 

Check out the following roles:

Senior Front-end Developer

Lead / Senior Java Developer

Lead / Senior Python Developer

Senior QA Automation Engineer

Front-end Developer

If you have any questions, please let me know. I am more than happy to answer them!

Stay healthy and take care of your loved ones.


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