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The Future of Work Report 2020

It is my great pleasure now to invite you to read Talent Alpha’s 2020 Future of Work Report – From Headcount To Skill Count. This comprehensive report provides insight, information, and advice on a wealth of Workforce-related topics including:

  • Making agile and accurate decisions regarding your people and the projects they work on
  • The best Tools to assess hard and soft skills and understand your organization’s Talent Genome
  • Understanding and implementing total skill management strategies

This report touches on many concepts that we believe will become the buzzwords in executive video calls (indeed, the executive floor and rooms are no longer required) in the months to come. Join me on this exciting journey focused on managing your skill count, decoding the talent genome, measuring human cognitive abilities, and digitizing Talent on the Human Cloud.

Przemek Berendt, CEO Talent Alpha

Read our Future of Work Report, created in partnership with – Everest Group, Global Sourcing Association, Global Technology & Business Services Council, EPAM Systems, Venture L, Transformant and Pro Progressio – and together we can help you unleash the Talent in your organization.

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